Group Exhibition

Prayers for the Road

"Outline" is the yearly festival of illustration in Jerusalem. It takes place every year at August, and opens illustration gallerias all over the city.

This year I was asked to join for the first time! I participated, with 11 other great illustrators, at an exhibition dealing with the subject "prayers for the Road".

The text that accompanied my illustration was:

"The farther I will go in search for myself, the more I will have to forget myself, up to a disappearance.

And what will remain afterwards?

Good question."

You can read more about the exhibition, at the official website of the festival, right here.

Prayers for the Road.png

Work Process

בן מירס - שלב 1 - סקיצה.png

1. First Sketch

בן מירס - שלב 2 - צורות בסיס.png

2. Designing the basic shapes

בן מירס - שלב 3 -בחירת צבעים.png

3. Choosing color palette

בן מירס - שלב 4 -דיוק הצורות.png

4. Defining the shapes accurately

בן מירס - שלב 5 -הוספת אורות.png

5. Adding lights